Doctors For Patients UK

Refocusing on Patient-Centred, Ethical & Safe Medicine.

Doctors For Patients UK was set up in September 2022, by a group of doctors who wanted to create a platform and safe space for clinicians to discuss current issues in healthcare and medicine. Our group was borne out of a shared concern that core principles of medical ethics were – and still are – being disregarded, such as the oath to “First do no harm”, the respect for individual bodily autonomy and the need to obtain fully informed consent for all medical interventions.

The last three years have been unprecedented in many ways. The emergence of Covid-19 and the resulting policies have distorted longstanding norms of society, public health, and the practice of medicine. Regrettably, this has been very damaging to public trust in medical professionals and authorities.

Many consider medicine to be a synthesis of art and science, seeking to cure or alleviate human suffering caused by poor health and disease which is underpinned by fundamentally important ethical principles. Doctors throughout history have been instructed to uphold the Hippocratic Oath of ‘Primum non nocere’ (First do no harm), which should dictate our every action and intervention. Medicine practiced without strict adherence to this and other ethical principles is not safe for patients, is open to abuse and can cause immense harm.

Doctors from the UK are invited to join Doctors For Patients UK to share their knowledge, clinical experience and concerns in a professional and friendly setting. Our group openly discuss and debate important topics, however controversial, without fear of censure or censorship. We recognise that debate and discussion are essential for science and medicine to function properly, allowing the free flow of knowledge for the growth and progression of clinical practice.

We will be hosting free weekly CPD presentations with experts and clinicians within our group and from around the world. We are a non-profit organisation of volunteers, working to uphold and promote evidence-based, ethical, safe and effective medicine for the wellbeing of our patients and humanity. Please do contact us if you wish to join our project.